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APPA statement on the murders in Georgia


March 20, 2021

Contact: Association of Philippine Physicians in America


Philadelphia, PA - The Association of Philippine Physicians in America (APPA) is immensely disturbed by the continuously growing xenophobia and racism plaguing the US. Strikingly heartbreaking examples of these were the recent murders, including 6 Asian Americans, in Georgia. We stand in solidarity with our Asian sisters and brothers who regularly face discrimination, violence, and hatred, which is utterly unacceptable. These heinous acts are exacerbated by many lives affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the xenophobia and racism connected with it.

“As a Filipino American, I am pained by our plight as Asian Americans that spreads more and more across our country. We each must put our foot down and stop AAPI hate in its tracks. It will take a collective effort, but I am confident that our nation has the resolve to beat hate with love, care, understanding, and empathy. I will do everything I can to combat this enemy," says Rommel Rivera, MD, President of APPA.

The APPA officers and members are prepared to provide any assistance possible but cannot do it alone. APPA asks that if you or someone around you experience any racism, harassment, or hate crimes that you reach out to the local authorities, Human Relations agencies, or to visit to make a report. Federal resources available include:;;;

The following are additional resources:

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